Dream Meaning Of Throwing Stones

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Dream Meaning Of Throwing Stones

A plop and a splash accompanied the impact of 600 stones on the surface of the Sea of Galilee, and then they sank, never to be found again. Each rock represented a significant event or symbol. Some of the tattoos indicated long-held resentment and animosity against a family member or a close friend. Other stones represented a straying son or daughter, or even a cheating husband. Others, on the other hand, represented unmet ambitions and desires. Even though the meanings of each pebble were different, the long-term consequences were the same. The mental and spiritual weights carried by passengers on Israel tour boats were removed at the same time as the stones were freed from their hands.

As I hurled my stone into the Sea of Galilee, I murmured, “Ok, Lord. I’m ready.” I’m right here. It’s OK with me if being single allows me to better serve you and bring you more glory. The only person I’m satisfied with is you, and only you.” Hurt was replaced with healing. The anxious pursuit was replaced with contentment. Fear was replaced with trust.

What I didn’t realize was that at the same time, on the same boat on the Sea of Galilee, a Hispanic priest was tossing his stone into the water with a prayer that was quite similar to mine! It had not been easy to serve in pastoral ministry as a single guy for ten years. But if that’s what the Lord desired, he’d finally come to terms with it and would go on to live a joyful and meaningful life from that point forward.

That evening, I scoured the bus for an available seat among my fellow Israel bus passengers. I found none. I was running late for supper. The only available seat occurred to be right next to that lonely minister. I was thirty-four years old at the time, and he was forty-one at the time. He was fluent in Spanish, but I was not. However, it was there, by the Sea of Galilee, that a dialogue started. Then our friendship developed into something more, and our love feelings evolved, and twenty months later, we were married.

Dallas Theological Seminary is the only place where the Lord can take a Mexican industrial engineer and stir his heart to attend. One can only imagine how the Lord could take an architect, a country girl from the Midwest, and send her to Dallas, Texas, to pursue a profession in architecture.

We devised a strategy. We made some decisions. They were all directed, however, by God’s divine hand.

My ticket for the Israel trip has been bought. My spouse has been assigned as a bus shepherd in Israel. For the trip, I decided that English would be my favorite language. My husband was assigned to assist in the driving of the Spanish bus. It’s still a mystery how we got up on the same bus in Israel together.

We devised a strategy. We made some decisions. They were all directed, however, by God’s divine hand.


Take a look at the following biblical accounts to see God’s sovereign hand at work:

  • Only the Lord can elevate a guy who has a speech handicap to the position of a national leader.
  • Only the Lord can take a little kid who has been disregarded by his family and transform him into a monarch.
  • Only the Lord can take an anonymous woman from Magdala, transform her into a disciple, and elevate her to the position of the first messenger of Christ’s risen body.
  • Only the Lord has the power to change the heart of a zealous persecutor of Christians and transform him into an apostle of Christ among the Gentiles.

They devised a strategy. They made a decision. They were all directed, however, by God’s divine hand. What are your plans for the future? What decisions do you intend to make? Take a look at the following verses:

  • An individual plans his or her route, but the Lord leads his or her steps.
  • At a difficult point in Israel’s history, the Almighty declared, “For I know what I have in store for you… I have plans for you that will benefit you rather than hurt you. I have plans to provide you with a future that is full of hope.”
  • In regards to every believer in Christ, the apostle Paul says, “We are his handiwork, having been made in Christ Jesus for good works, which God planned so that we may carry them out.”
  • “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will grant you the desires of your heart,” the Psalmist assures us in verse 14.

What is it in your life that you are always clutching for and hanging onto? Your stone will be thrown. What do you yearn for more than God? Your stone will be thrown. So, what exactly are you looking forward to receiving before you surrender your life to the Lord? Your stone will be thrown.

Even if things may not have worked out the way you had hoped, toss your stone anyhow. Allow God’s omnipotent hand to direct your steps.

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