Jamie Oliver offers five tips for making vegetarian dishes more exciting:

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Jamie Oliver offers five tips for making vegetarian dishes more exciting:

1. Add enough vegetables

Animal proteins include eggs, milk, cheese, beef, and fish, which are all naturally high in protein. Bread, grain goods (rice and pasta), legumes (beans and lentils), seeds, and mushrooms all contain vegetable proteins. Croutons, fried chickpeas, puffed rice, or crushed pistachios or hazelnuts round out a vegan dinner.

Kevin also gave a great tip: instead of the famous croutons, you can make popcorn. To make your popcorn even better, sprinkle some dried chilli on top. The Bare Chef says, “I still get excited about popcorn.” He uses popcorn as a topping on his double corn salad in VEG, for example. Sprinkle on top of the vegetarian curry, sandwiches, soup, or a delicious vegetarian hot dog.

2. Prepare vegetables to be pickled

Pickles, also known as pickled vegetables, provide crunch (and hence texture) to a dish while also providing essential acidity. Delicious on a (vegan) sandwich, in a Buddha bowl, or with fried rice or noodles.

Jamie uses Cauliflower Katsu, crispy mushroom shoarma, noodle chilli, and fried potato salad in his VEG pickles.

3. Fry the vegetables in a pan.

It’s not the healthiest alternative, but frying isn’t as bad as you would imagine if you do it correctly (i.e., the oil is hot enough that the ingredients don’t soak up the oil). Certainly not when the vegetables are fried. Jon discovered that vegetables are a common ingredient for fritters during his travels around the world (fritters). Consider Indian pakoras or Pani puri, or Japanese vegetable tempura. And, let’s face it, they’re a lot of fun!

4. Prepare it as street food.

Another thing the British chef saw a lot while travelling was delicious vegetarian dishes that you can eat straight out of the hand.

If you’re missing comfort food but want to keep it vegetarian (or vegan), try vegetarian versions of your favourite street foods. Tacos, including a sweet pita with fried eggplant, garlic sauce, and pomegranate seeds, are normally more thrilling than a salad. Or how about a tasty Philly cheesesteak?

5. Find the vinegar in your kitchen cupboard and use it.

When we spoke with Jamie in London, he said, “Vinegar is one of the most underestimated ingredients and one of the most significant,” according to The Naked Chef. “Each dish needs sweet, salty, texture, and sour.” As honest as a sheep.

And after you’ve delved into the world of vinegar, you’ll find that there are too many variations to try that you’ll never run out of ideas. “Apple vinegar is my favourite,” Jamie says. Red wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, and cider vinegar are all excellent options.

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