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Skylander Family Bio Data :

In the autumn of 2006, the Skylanders launched their first YouTube channel, titled ‘FUNnel Vision.’ However, it wasn’t until August 2007 that the first video was posted. A vlog channel at first, the variety of posts on this channel has expanded with time. “Fun All Day” is the channel’s name, and it chronicles the adventures of Skylander Dad and his family. As a result, the channel has become a one-stop-shop for a variety of interesting content, including food challenges, vlogs, road trips, pranks, house tours, skits, and vacation diaries.

Family vacations to areas like ‘Disneyland’ and the Bahamas have also been covered by the channel. Among these are water parks, Legoland, and the Bahamas. More than five million people have subscribed to the channel, making it one of the most popular ‘YouTube’ channels right now. Many parents are put off by the perceived hefty cost of the toy-to-life games, but now you can get all the fun of Skylanders for a fraction of the cost.


Skylander Dad’s wife affectionately referred to as “Skylander Mom,” is a staunch advocate for him. To her, he’s like a right-hand man. Baby Eating Salt & Vinegar Chips! First Time Trying and Eating Reaction!” is one of the most popular videos on the channel. Skylander Dad’s second YouTube channel, ‘TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl,’ debuted in 2012. Two of his children’s online pseudonyms inspired the channel’s moniker.

The majority of the videos on this channel are related to video games and feature walkthroughs, tricks, and other information. The content includes skits, innovative bespoke videos, unboxings, gift contests, and music. ‘FGTeeV’ was invented by Skylander Dad the following year. This channel has the largest subscriber base of the four, with moreover six million.

Toy unboxings, gaming videos, sketch comedy, and vlogs featuring the ‘Family Gaming Team’ make up a large part of the content available on the channel. For example, there are videos for games like ‘Minecraft, Angry Birds, Fnaf,’ FNAF, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, awe-inspiring frog, Plants Vs Zombies, Hello Neighbor,, and many more. The series’ fourth channel went live in the first part of 2015 with a whole new look and feel.

It’s called ‘DohMuchFun,’ and it’s all about kids and toys. There are more than one million members of this channel. Besides Skylander Dad’s Facebook page, he has also joined Twitter and Instagram. He’s changed the name of his Instagram account from “@skylanderdad” to “@funnelvisionfam.”

Currently, the account has more than 189,00 followers. is where the family sells their branded merchandise. As soon as we discovered how much we like playing Disney Infinity, we were eager to explore other games in this genre. Good things were said about Skylanders, so I decided to check it out. My floodgates were opened when I found a large bundle of around fifty secondhand figures on a well-known auction site for roughly £30.

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure was a huge hit with my daughters right away. As I scoured cheap stores and seasonal specials over the next few months I was able to amass enough figures to play through all three of the initial games. Rather than handing out all of the games and toys at once, I chose to keep them as prizes for my children. In order to receive them, students would have to show excellent behavior, do their tasks, and succeed in school. Spyro’s Adventure on the Nintendo Wii was the first game we ever played together (also playable on the Wii U).

It may look a little outdated by today’s standards, but the dungeon crawler-style gameplay is strong and enjoyable for all ages. Spyro’s Adventure features 37 playable characters, all of which can be found on the secondary market for incredibly low costs. As a result, you only need 8 figures (1 of each element) to finish the game’s levels and secret sections. Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure was a huge hit with my daughters right away. They were kept busy for months thanks to the 2-player co-op and battle arena challenges, just in time for Santa to deliver a copy of Skylanders: Giants under the tree. Giants figures are readily accessible and may even be purchased new online or in some retail stores for surprisingly inexpensive costs.

The Skylanders series has the unique characteristic of allowing players to use characters from prior games in the current one. Spyro’s Adventure’s eight elemental characters can be used to unlock all regions if you have one Giant character. Skylanders: Imaginators, the most recent title in the series, maintains this compatibility. The Nintendo Switch console will include a fresh version of this at the time of its release.

The ability to permanently scan your Skylanders collection into the game means you can play with all of your Skylanders characters on the fly without having to lug around all of your figures like you would on other consoles. Our current game of choice is Skylanders: Swap Force, which my children and I are playing together. The Skylanders craze has spread to the girls, who are more enamored than ever with the show.

The reward system has worked effectively to motivate hard work and good behavior, and the collection has grown… We now go on weekly “Skylander Hunts” in the surrounding countryside, where I hide a few Skylander figures and the kids have to work together to find them during our weekend excursions. As a bonus, the kids get a new figure to play with when they get home, making it an excellent opportunity for family bonding.

Some Facts About Skylander Family :

  • In the fall of 2006, the Skylander Family launched their first channel, ‘FUNnel Vision.’.
  • Skylander Dad, his wife, and their four children make up this family of six.
  • A merchandising line is also owned by the family..

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